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True Stories Response

I really enjoyed watching True Stories in class. I missed the first day of viewing, but fortunately I was able to watch it again online. The movie was very intriguing to me and it had many characters that I like. First and foremost, I am a John Goodman fan and I thought this was one of his better roles. I liked the quirkiness of Louis’ character, it was very entertaining. The second thing I really liked about the movie was David Byrne influence on the movie. I enjoy listening to the Talking Heads music and it was very cool watching in come to life and work with the movie. Byrne’s ability to mix his music into a very unique plot made the movie entertaining and fun to watch. If I was Roger Ebert, I’d give it two big thumbs up.


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Here is my favorite pictures out of all the photos I took for my photo essay. This is a view of Downtown Grand Rapids from the outskirts of the city. This picture was fairly difficult to take as I had to climb a hill and find my way through a forest of trees. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

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Photo Essay

Yesterday I traveled around downtown Grand Rapids taking pictures for my photo essay. I decided to take pictures of my hometown because I wanted to capture the city through photos, which I have never done before. The project turned out very well and I feel like I got a lot of useful shots. I was able to go to many different spots within the city and was also able to find a couple hills on the outskirts of Grand Rapids that gave me some very cool pictures of the city’s skyline. Overall, I had a really good time taking all these pictures and I hope they can translate smoothly into a photo essay. My only complaint is that the weather didn’t comply and I had to shoot many of the photos with a cloudy sky. I guess this just gave it an accurate depiction of what Michigan is like in winter.

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Dolphins Practice Field

Two summers ago I worked for the Miami Dolphins. I was an intern in their operations department. It was a really cool experience and it showed me what I would like to do for the rest of my life. I spent countless hours at the team’s facility making sure that everything flawlessly prepared and ready for the players and player personnel. The NFL is now in an era of unprecedented wealth and owners are not afraid to spend a great deal of money off the field to help the performance on the field. The Dolphin’s headquarter is a perfect example of this, it is an extravagant building dedicated entirely to the team. It includes indoor & outdoor practice facilities, locker rooms, training rooms, meeting rooms, offices for coaches and administration, multiple conference rooms, an auditorium, and all the technology necessary to conduct live interviews across the world.

This picture is off the outdoor practice fields and stadium. I like this picture because is shows the immaculate condition of the field as well as a beautiful backdrop of palm trees. This is one of the nicest fields I have ever stepped foot upon and I hope to return there someday soon.

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The Days of Old

I took this photo a couple days ago on State Street. I decided to take this picture because I think that the State St. Theater sign is really neat. It is one of my favorite landmarks in Ann Arbor. There is something about the fusion of old and new that this sign captures. I love the fact that it is advertising just by placing the information on the sign like it was done before the age of technology. It is a throwback surrounded my modern things. I also find it funny that directly under this great old sign is a Urban Outfitters, which may be the trendiest store in Ann Arbor. You would never imagine these two things to share the same space along the road or even be anywhere remotely close to one another.

The colors on the sign are great. I love the bright yellow, aqua, and red. They are not normally colors that you would put together in a state like Michigan. If you should this picture to a person they would probably assume that it was located in Southern Florida, California, or Arizona.

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Obama Motorcade

After doing the most recent class challenge, I began browsing the pictures posted on the official White House website. The picture that most caught my attention was the one of President Obama’s motorcade traveling through China on their way to visit the Great Wall of China. The motorcade stretches all way around the curvy mountain pass and continues on further than the camera can capture. His entourage is huge and has many very intriguing pieces. There are two presidential limousines, a handful of armored Chevy Suburbans, and three white cargo vans. It is my assumption that if you were to look at this picture and point out what vehicle Obama is in that you would be completely incorrect. The whole idea of this motorcade is to defer any attack by hiding and masking what vehicle Obama is actually in. I would contend that President Obama is not even in one of the limousines but instead hidden in the middle of the pack in an unsuspecting vehicle.

Anywhere the president goes, he takes an entourage of over 500 people with him. This was true of President Bush and I imagine that President Obama’s entourages is considerably larger; however, exact numbers can not be found for obvious reasons. This is a far cry from what the earliest presidents had for security. Our third president, Thomas Jefferson, actually held office hours that were open to the public from 3pm-5pm on days when he was in the office. I have attached a picture that breaks down President Bush’s entourage by the groups of people he traveled with and the equipment that they used. Again, I would contend that President Obama’s entourage is considerably larger for additional security.

Click the pictures for a larger view.

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No one will ever say that Charlie Kratzer lacked creativity. He literally decorated his house with sharpies. He created a fantasy world on his walls that makes the room look much larger than it actually is. I have mixed opinions on it. I think that in some of designs look pretty sweet and very creative; however, if I were to actually be placed in that room I am not sure I would thing it was still cool. Regardless of my opinion Kratzer did exactly what he wanted to do and I respect him for that. It is definitely not something I will be doing at my own home. Overall, I would say this is pretty cool though. Take a look for yourself, what do you think? Sweet or Ugly?

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