This picture is very unique for many different reasons. First and foremost it is the first Presidential family photo taken of a family who is not white. Secondly, the kids add a very unique perspective as it has been a very long time since we have elected a President this young and who also has a growing family (it hasn’t happened since the days when JFK’s family wandered the White House lawn). Aside from those obvious reasons, the picture also has many other interesting traits involved with it. It is attempting to honor tradition and custom by taking the picture in the same room as previous presidents, the Green Room; however, since this family breaks tradition the picture loses some of its’ luster. I would have liked to see the official picture taken at a different location, possibly in the front lawn of the White House. Lastly, I don’t like the positioning of the children in this picture. As aforementioned, the children present a unique situation to the White House, and I feel that their placement in this picture doesn’t look quite right. For instance, Malia (the older child) is sitting awkwardly on her mom’s lap, it looks as if she is almost the same size as her mother, which she clearly is not. Instead, Sasha and Malia should switch places so that Sasha is sitting on her mother’s lap and Malia is standing up. I also feel that President Obama should be in the center of this picture and surrounded by his family, instead of being on the edge. After studying this picture I am left with my initial feeling that this picture looks awkward.


No one will ever say that Charlie Kratzer lacked creativity. He literally decorated his house with sharpies. He created a fantasy world on his walls that makes the room look much larger than it actually is. I have mixed opinions on it. I think that in some of designs look pretty sweet and very creative; however, if I were to actually be placed in that room I am not sure I would thing it was still cool. Regardless of my opinion Kratzer did exactly what he wanted to do and I respect him for that. It is definitely not something I will be doing at my own home. Overall, I would say this is pretty cool though. Take a look for yourself, what do you think? Sweet or Ugly?

I took a picture of my niece in her Halloween costume. This is her first Halloween and she was pretty excited about getting to dress up as a ladybug. After taking the picture and studying it for awhile I closed the image on my computer and did not reopen it (However, I didn’t delete the picture because I wanted to keep it for the future). This is my attempt to describe the picture approximately 10 hours after taking it.

My niece, Preslie, is in her lady bug Halloween costume. The costume is red and black with a black hood that has two red antler on it. The costume is also mainly red and has black dots on it. She is also wearing some red and black striped socks. I really liked this picture because she is standing next to the window and looking out of it trying to figure out what is happening outside. She is standing next to a windowsill that is covered in fallen leaves. I also remember that she was standing on a wooden floor.

This was a difficult class challenge because it forced you not to look at the picture again before you described it. I feel that I easily remembered the logistics of the costume and the room she was in. However, I could not recall her facial expression or anything that was happening outside of the window she was looking out. I also failed to remember any details about the walls or the curtains in the window.

Class Challenge #3

I took a picture of the new Al Glick Fieldhouse at different intervals throughout the day. I wanted to capture some of the highlights of the buildings design while also trying to capture some of the changes that occur on the street throughout any given day. The sequence starts during an early morning fog and continues throughout the day until late into the night.

This is the new home of Michigan Football. It houses their practice fields and locker rooms. I really like that they directly attached this new building to Schembechler Hall, which has housed the team since the 70’s. Al Glick Fieldhouse cost upwards of $10 million to build. The construction also woke me up countless mornings at 8 a.m. so I was probably happier than the players when it was completed.

This is a picture of one of my best friend’s when I was growing up. The photo was taken somewhere in Iraq. It is a very very cool picture and I love how fearless it shows him as. It is refreshing to see that even as soldiers are fighting they can take a moment to snap a picture and make light of an otherwise terrible situation. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this picture is that is was posted online for the world to see mere hours after it was taken. It goes to show how the internet and online social networking has changed the world. In wars past it was unheard of for wartime pictures to be immediately sent back home for family and friends to see. The internet age has brought us many new great opportunities; however, I am of the belief that these new avenues must also include a sense of self-restraint and foresight. In particular, in dealing with the military, I think it is important for all armed service men and women to understand that they can not post any pictures that may anger their enemy, which could be used against them; and more importantly, that they can not post any photos that give away their location, technique, or position.

These issues have started to get the attention they deserve with the United States banning social networking for active soldiers. In my opinion, a total banning is going a little too far but they are taking the age old approach that “better safe than sorry”. I think the military should work with its’ soldiers to decided what can and can’t be posted and when soldiers are allowed to use social networking devices.

For this week’s class challenge I worked with Nick Kallabat on our daybooks. I wrote a response to his entry on graffiti art in Ann Arbor. I really liked this post and I thought it was the most outstanding one in his daybook collection.

This photo is entitled “New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam”, taken by Charles Ebbets. I remember first seeing this photo as a kid and it literally made me feel weak in the knees. This is a well known photograph that I’m sure many people have seen. It has been turned into a poster and marketed at a variety of poster sales and souvenir shops. The reason I like this picture so much is that I am absolutely terrified of heights. I could never, in a million years, imagine myself to sitting alongside those construction workers dangling hundreds of feet in the air. However, it doesn’t seem to phase these men as they carry on, eating their lunches unaffected by the huge drop below them. Ebbets did a fantastic job of giving perspective to how high these guys are in the air by showing the buildings in the background. This photo also stirs up an idea of how life used to be in the early 20th century. Things were simpler and work was done by hand. These men literally risked their lives to build a skyscraper. This picture defined an era and will carry on as an example of how work used to get done. There is no modern comparison to this picture as any skyscraper that is now built has an emphasis on the construction workers’ safety. In my opinion, there will never be a photo-op like this again as gigantic cranes have replaced the need for men to risk their lives in the name of urban development.